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Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Kalispell

testosterone kalispell

"Testosterone is considered a male sex hormone, and it is primarily produced in the testicles (although a very small amount comes from the adrenal glands).  Testosterone is responsible for the development of primary sexual characteristics: male genitalia. It is also responsible for secondary sexual characteristics including muscle bulk, deep voice, and hair pattern.

Testosterone helps regulate other physical factors that impact mood and energy levels and protect heart health. It is also responsible for maintaining a normal sex drive. Testosterone helps to influence or provides:

  • Cardiovascular protection

  • Red blood cell production

  • Mood and overall sense of well being

  • Vitality (energy level)

  • Bone density and strength

  • Sperm production

Testosterone replacement therapy is a common treatment option for men with low testosterone levels and symptoms of hypogonadism. TRT can produce very positive results and even cause a person to regain masculine qualities that were lost due to low testosterone production. 

Use of TRT for those with hypogonadism has been shown to be effective and generally safe... Injections are often the least expensive option, and provide more significant increase in testosterone levels with the greatest symptom improvement. With proper monitoring by the healthcare provider, including thorough health history, regular office visits, and frequent lab checks, TRT may be a safe and effective treatment for some people with low testosterone levels." Verywell Health.

Frequently asked questions about Testosterone Replacement Therapy

How much does testosterone replacement therapy cost?
The consultation, exam, and initial blood tests at our Kalispell clinic are $99. After that, a monthly subscription fee of $185 will cover all your blood tests, exams, medications, and on-demand consultations.

Is TRT safe?
While all supplements and medications can have some side effects, personalized TRT is very safe when you and your provider work closely together to keep your markers at optimal levels.

What benefits could I expect?

Improved athletic performance

•Better cardiac stamina

•Increased muscle mass and strength

•Break through plateaus to get bigger gains

Improved career performance

•Increased energy

•Better motivation

•Sharpened mental focus

Improved sexual performance

•More libido

•Decrease in erectile dysfunction

•Improved stamina

Do I need a referral?
No! Our expert providers will evaluate you on a holistic basis to find out if Kalispell TRT is right for you. Once you get started, you have a LOCAL healthcare provider near you who can help with any concerns on demand!

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