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Our Story

Dr. Jason Rountree grew up in the Kalispell area enjoying the outdoor opportunities the Valley has to offer. A local chiropractor introduced him to chiropractic and this sparked his interest in health care. After meeting and marrying Meagan in undergrad, Jason studied chiropractic at Logan University in St. Louis, with advanced training in Chicago, IL, and Portland, OR. Graduating in 2010, he also served in the US Marine Corps as an artillery officer.


Dr. Rountree practiced traditional chiropractic in Yakima, Washington, and quickly became well-known for delivering effective care. A drive to excel made him realize that chiropractic alone was often insufficient for permanent resolution to orthopedic and neurological conditions, even when physical therapy and medicine were integrated into his practice. Jason and Meagan decided to travel across the country to Pennsylvania in search of the most advanced and effective treatment strategies. With Dr. Rob Bailey, he directly facilitated research and development in the field of laser therapeutics, including work with Class III and Class IV laser technology.


In February 2016, Montana Laser Therapeutics opened in Kalispell as one of only a few dedicated laser centers in the nation. In addition to seeing patients from all over the US and Canada, Dr. Rountree also coaches other doctors across the globe so they can improve their technique and utilization of laser. Jason has worked with many laser companies and professionals to provide additional training to doctors in the field to grow more effective laser treatment centers, and to that end he founded Laser Therapy Institute.

In July 2018, the clinic evolved and was renamed to Montana Laser and Medical Center. Now a collaborative medical facility, our patients benefit from enhanced evaluation and exam services as well as regenerative medicine treatments. Relocation to a larger facility in west Kalispell was completed in April 2019. The addition of a Fotona dermatology/esthetic laser occurred in June 2020.


Jason, Meagan, and the staff at Montana Laser are committed to improving healthcare outcomes with the doctors they support and seeing quality of life improve for their patients. We look forward to serving you!

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