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  • Dr. Jason Rountree

Top two treatments for neuropathy

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Struggling to find effective solutions for peripheral neuropathy? This systematic review from 2018 points out that out of 26 proposed treatments for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, only two have enough evidence to show their effectiveness. Guess what they are? Only laser therapy and Cymbalta made the cut! Treatments that have not been proven to be effective for this condition include gabapentin, PEMF, scrambler therapy (Calmare. Healio), acupuncture, and more. Isn't it mind-boggling that the most common treatment for this disorder is unproven medication with significant side effects?

Listen to the podcast to hear more about this research. Find out if laser therapy right here in Kalispell Montana could help your symptoms by setting up a no-charge consultation!


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