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Chronic Injury
Debilitating Back Injury
Post-surgical Pain

I would like to
Highly recommend Montana Laser ! My personal experience has been positive beyond words. After months and months of knee pain I’m seeing amazing results. Painless -non evasive and effective. The doctors, the technicians, and staff are
Positive and knowledgeable. It feels
Like a “team” approach is in play and the are all
Winners. At the beginning of my treatment I jokingly stated “I limped in and I plan to prance
Out of here. Now I say it and mean
It ! This has been life changing for me and I am looking forward to being 100 percent

Debby F.

Kalispell, MT

I give Montana Laser and the staff 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟five stars. Life transforming is what is happening right now to me. In 2001 I had a bike accident and hurt my knee. Beginning stages of a horrible syndrome became of that. (Complex
Regional Pain Syndrome.) it went into remission a year later then in 2013 it roared to life. I couldn't walk. I was bed ridden and I had nerve pain so severe it felt like my body was on fire and worse. when I walked it felt like my legs were broken and I was trying to use them. like there was a disconnect between my brain and legs. I've been a patient at the Montana Center for Wellness and Pain Management for the past Six years also. I changed doctors and I'm so glad I did. Brenda Anderson told me about D.r Roundtree at Mt. Laser. I started doing treatments twice a week starting August 2019 now December 2019 and I'm walking like normal. I still have to be careful because I still have some symptoms. I continue to get treatments once a week. Laser has given me my life back! Not the same as it was without Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Thankfully it's a life outside of bed. I've been legally blind since age two years so I'm super glad to have my legs working better. Loosing my mobility when I already can't see is tough. Thank you for giving me my life back. I recommend
Montana Laser and the entire staff I like all of them they are fantastic!

Erin M.

Kalispell, MT

"You guys.... do not walk.... RUN to this incredible and life changing level of expertise. I guarantee you will not only feel different and notice a huge impact in your day to day life but you will also find yourself amongst a group of specialists who CARE"



"Had planter fasciitis,had 2 treatments weekly for about a month then one for a few weeks and was told to come back if it started coming back. Best decision I ever made. No need for shots in the foot which hurt pretty bad and are debilitating for a a day after you have it. With no assurance it will not come back. If I had any aches like that again in any part of my body they will be my first call."

Ed H.

Kalispell, MT

"Dr Rountree (aka Dr Laser!), Meagan, Lauren and Maria have been phenomenal to work with. This crew is so compassionate, enthusiastic and caring; they have all been a tremendous support for me the past few months. Dr Rountree listens carefully and communicates clearly, using that information to customize treatment for each session. This clinic is cutting edge, not just anyone can provide that level of healing laser therapy. I've got neck, back and shoulder injuries which led to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pain and assorted other goodies. I have tried every therapy and modality under the sun, with little benefit... until I found Dr Laser. We've still got more work to do but are already seeing exciting improvement in the orthopedic injuries, my mental clarity/energy and neurological symptoms. You guys rock!"

Jennifer A.

Kehei, HI

“When I first came in, I had an injury to my shoulder from four years ago, and it had just never healed. At times I couldn’t lift my shoulder up and had to use my other arm because of the pain. I had been to regular chiropractic treatment, but that really didn’t touch it at all. I didn’t know who to see. The laser treatments had an immediate effect and it was quickly completely resolved.


Then I had a fall, 30 feet from a ladder, and I broke a vertebra in my back, as well as one in my neck. I feel like the laser treatments I had been getting kept me limber enough that my injuries weren’t much worse. With laser treatment for my new injuries, I blazed right through the recovery, and I am just amazed that I’m back to work, I feel 100%, and, you know, there’s nothing really keeping me from doing any of the work I did before.


I recommend it for anyone that is dealing with this type of injury, it’s a long shot away from anything else I know out there.”

Dave Z.

Lititz, PA

"I had been going to the chiropractor monthly for many many years... but the last time I went he made an adjustment to my back and when I went to work I thought, "hmm, something doesn't feel right." So i went back to his office that day, he made an adjustment to my L5, and then I couldn't even move, I had to go home. I came back to his office again that evening and he said that "nothing is out, I don't know what's wrong with you." 


So when I got home I was laying on the floor, I couldn't roll either way, I was in that much pain. It felt like a lightning bolt from my head to my toe. So I laid on the floor flat for a day, til my brother in law K, he went through the same thing, he said to call you! I had to go get a walker to move around, but a couple days later I was able to get rid of it. I did three treatments a week and I was completely pain free in two weeks. I never had any surgery, no pills, no drugs, nothing. Just the treatments and I'm walking. That was about two months ago, and I'm riding bike and going to the gym already."

Arlan H.

Reinholds, PA

"I came in because my elbow hurt, like, I could not straighten it. It went on for about a year. We had been on a 22 hour bus trip and I attributed the pain to a lot of reading, that type of thing, bent arm, I could not do my hair, it was painful to get dressed, and it was constant and very painful. Two treatment sessions and it was GONE, I could move my arm without it hurting. It used to get tired when I was in bed reading or on my phone, but, that doesn't happen anymore! It doesn't hurt at all doing any of that anymore."

Fern B.

Stevens, PA

"I originally came in for a concussion after getting hit on the head in volleyball. Dr. Bailey said my neck was so bad, it looked like I had been in a car crash. I had major headaches. They fixed that. 

Then I was running a lot. I got pain in my calf right here and I just ignored it for a while, thinking it was just strained or whatever, so didn't think a lot about it. After a while, at one point my whole leg from here [upper thigh] to my foot was numb. I went to the medical doctor and they got an x-ray to check for a stress fracture, and that showed up fine, then I got an MRI and an EMG after I went to see an orthopedic surgeon, and they didn't really know what it was. I saw a physical therapist too and he didn't know what it was. He was confused, nobody knew what it was. Everybody was confused. I was running into walls. I thought people were just going to start telling me I was crazy!


Dr. Bailey thought it was tarsal tunnel... They [the orthopedist] said tarsal tunnel at my age is really rare, but the MRI showed I had a bone spur and tendonitis and mild tarsal tunnel. After we got that figured out, they [Dr. Bailey and Dr. Rountree] changed my treatment and the pain started slowly going down. I was on crutches for a month. Now I don't really feel it anymore. I was pretty grateful for that! I thought I wasn't ever going to get better."

Bridget H.

Lititz, PA

"I started having lower back pain when I was 15 after, I'm guessing, football. My dad took me to a chiropractor that did the old-fashioned stuff, cracking and popping, pushing and pulling. It didn't really work. I still had pain. It almost created more pain having the adjusting than the problem itself. I didn't really like it, so I stopped going.


When I started going here [to Drs. Bailey and Rountree]...The thing that surprised me the most was that he said here's what's going on, and this is what's going to happen, but it's not going to happen until this point. He told me a very exact timeline, and every thing he said was going to happen, did happen. That's what surprised me the most, that this little red light could just fix everything. Within two weeks I felt really sore, which he said would happen, and then within a month I already felt better. Then it just got better and better and better until it got to where I didn't have pain, just a kind of workout soreness. Then as time went on I got to where I had zero pain. Within 6 months the pain was completely gone, that was after more than 7 years of pain. I feel great."

Sterling B.

Lititz, PA

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