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Laser therapy is the use of light to produce tissue changes. This can occur through a painless, non-invasive biostimulatory effect when the right type of laser is used to stimulate the body's natural repair mechanisms. Research has shown excellent effects with painful conditions like neuropathy, wound healing, bone healing, shingles, vertebral disc injuries, rotator cuff injuries, traumatic brain injury, and more. 

Lasers can also be applied in a "selective ablation" form. In this method, laser can cause specialized tiny amounts of damage. The body's natural healing mechanisms then repair the damage with new, healthy tissues. This type of laser treatment can be used to tighten and tone tissues to reduce wrinkles, skin laxity, and even snoring (by treating the soft palate inside the mouth).  The most advanced lasers available today can also reduce fat through laser lipolysis, remove hair permanently, eliminate toenail fungus, and perform minor surgery.

At Montana Laser and Medical Center, we utilize the very best therapy lasers from K-Laser in Italy, and top-of-the-line aesthetic/surgical lasers from Fotona in Slovenia. Our laser techs, esthiticians, and healthcare providers are trained in the proven methods and treatment standards so your results are the best and fastest possible. 


K-Laser therapy for biostimulation

Laser therapy is a high tech, non-invasive approach to healing that is changing healthcare across the nation. Click here to learn more.

Fotona Laser for selective ablation

Laser therapies have been used for decades to remodel and improve the appearance of the skin. Click here to learn more.

Laser therapy is a hot topic for cutting edge researchers across the globe. More and more evidence is discovered each year. Click here to see relevant studies.

See what others are saying about modern therapeutic laser treatment.

A few videos can demonstrate how aesthetic laser treatments work. Click here to see more.

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